Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our first trip to the ER

Well yesterday at preschool my daughter either jumped or fell off some play equipment outside.  Not sure what really happened since she said it happened so fast she doesn't remember!  All I know is that she landed some way on her arm and on top of her best friend(guess she did not help break her fall!).  She was hurting last night but could move her fingers and such so we knew it wasn't broken.  She can sometimes over exaggerate her pain so we waited until this morning to see how she was doing(hoping that she was just sore from falling on it) and she was still hurting a lot so we made our first trip to the ER with her.  We have been very lucky and thankful that this is our first ER visit.  She did really well and only cried during the xrays because they had to move her arm around.  She got a little toy (2 actually!) for doing so good.  Xrays showed a possible fracture so she had to have a splint and sling to keep her arm still.  We will follow up with an orthopedic doctor next week to see how it is doing.  So finally after 3 hours in the ER we were discharged and able to get something to eat!

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