Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

On Thursday July 26th I will be leaving and heading to Salt Lake City, Utah!  I am going to attend my company's (Perfectly Posh) first convention.  I am so excited to go and meet the other consultants and to learn so much more about our business and to see the new items!!  Since the next few days will be hectic with getting things straight before I leave this will be my last post until probably next Tuesday.  I plan to take pictures of my travel and will do a post about my adventures when I return.  This is my first plane trip since 1995 and my first one alone!  I have a 10 hour layover on my return flight so we shall see how much I have then.  Wish me luck and I will talk with you all next week!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ACE Super Goodies Giveaway!!

This is an amazing giveaway with lots of goodies to win!  ACE is an all natural supplement to help you control your appetite and give you energy.  I have personally taken it and can tell you that it does work and no side effects!  Make sure that you scroll down the post and enter in the rafflecopter drawing.  Good Luck!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What's for Dinner?

What is for dinner?  That is a common question that is asked daily by millions of people.  I mean we all have to eat right?  So what is for dinner?  Will you decide to eat out or eat at home?  Will you have healthy foods or non-healthy foods?  

Whatever your decision is for dinner everyone has one thing in common, planning.  You plan where to go if you eat out, plan what foods you will cook, and you plan what foods you will buy at the grocery store.  When it comes to planning meals everyone has a different way that they plan.  The most common ways are picking the night before, planning for the whole week, and planning for the whole month by rotating menus.  So to help you plan for all your dinner needs, I have found some websites that are very helpful.

The first one is Food on the Table.  With this site you can search recipes and add your local grocery stores and it will check for you what is on sale according to the recipe you choose.  So if you wanted beef tenderloin and Food Lion had it on sale it will you show what the sale price is at Food Lion.  Very neat little feature to have especially if you are pre-planning for the week.  It will also build a grocery list for you based off what recipes you chose.  

The second site Dinner Tool.  This site has a lot of recipes to choose from and the best feature is that once you add a recipe to your recipe box you can create your meal plan.  There is a menu planner calendar where you choose if you want to plan for one day, the whole week, or the whole month.  You just take recipes that are in your box and drag them to whatever day you want to make them and voila, your menu is ready.  You will also find lots of great articles to help you with dinner ideas.  Make sure to check out the video page too where you can learn some cooking techniques.   

If you are someone that prefers to have a hard copy for menu planning check out these free templates for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly planning.

And a very popular site now to get recipes is Pinterest.  I have some recipes pinned in my folder but have yet to actually try any of them.  If you have tried any recipes from Pinterest I would love to hear how they were.

I hope that these two sites can help you answer the age old question of What's for Dinner!

Broken, but Pink!

Well after going to see the orthopedic doctor yesterday, my daughter's arm is broken :(  She broke it right along the elbow which the doctor said is a normal break in kids her age.  He said that she should only have to wear a cast for about 4 weeks as long as everything heals right.  On the plus side she got to choose the color of cast she wanted and she picked her favorite color, PINK!!  Here is the picture of her all decked out with her new cast.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our first trip to the ER

Well yesterday at preschool my daughter either jumped or fell off some play equipment outside.  Not sure what really happened since she said it happened so fast she doesn't remember!  All I know is that she landed some way on her arm and on top of her best friend(guess she did not help break her fall!).  She was hurting last night but could move her fingers and such so we knew it wasn't broken.  She can sometimes over exaggerate her pain so we waited until this morning to see how she was doing(hoping that she was just sore from falling on it) and she was still hurting a lot so we made our first trip to the ER with her.  We have been very lucky and thankful that this is our first ER visit.  She did really well and only cried during the xrays because they had to move her arm around.  She got a little toy (2 actually!) for doing so good.  Xrays showed a possible fracture so she had to have a splint and sling to keep her arm still.  We will follow up with an orthopedic doctor next week to see how it is doing.  So finally after 3 hours in the ER we were discharged and able to get something to eat!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, the 13th!!!  Personally I love Friday the 13th because normally that would mean a marathon of Friday the 13th movies.  However, it seems that TV stations over the past years must have fallen for the superstitious day since it seems like they never play these movies anymore on the 13th.  Myself, I am not superstitious.  If something happens it is because it was meant to happen.  

But everyone is different so if you are superstitious and fear Friday the 13th then you have " paraskevidekatriaphobia".  Here are some superstitions for you to ponder on this Friday the 13th.

  1. It is said if 13 people dine together at one table that they will all die within a year.
  2. Don't name your children anything with 13 letters, for example, Charles Manson.
  3. Months with a Friday 13th always begin on Sunday
  4. There are 13 twists of the rope in a traditional hangman's noose and 13 steps leading up to the gallows.
  5. The thirteenth card in a Tarot deck is "Death" often pictured as the Grim Reaper (a skeleton, often in a hooded cape, carrying a scythe). It should be noted however, that the Death card is rarely if ever read as "death" but as transition, change or new beginnings. 
  6. Don't walk under a ladder.   One theory holds that this superstition arises from a Christian belief in the Holy Trinity: Since a ladder leaning against a wall forms a triangle, "breaking" that triangle was blasphemous. 
  7. Open an umbrella in the house and bad luck will fall on you.
  8. Many buildings do not have a "13th" floor.
  9. Never pass a funeral procession on this day or you will die the next day.
  10. Cutting your nails today can bring you serious bad luck
  11. Friday the 13th is a bad day to consult an Astrologer.
  12.  Spilling salt is said to be unlucky
  13.  If a woman celebrates her birthday on Friday 13, she will get married and have a child in less than one year.

 Happy Friday the 13th!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

John Paul Pet Giveaway(Ends July 20th)

Since I had just introduced you to my pets I thought it was fitting that I found a pet giveaway.  So head on over to With a side of thriftiness and enter to win the John Paul Pet Oatmeal Starter Kit.  There will be 3 lucky winners and maybe it will be you!  This is the direct link to the giveaway

My Fur-Babies

Let me introduce you to my other children, the fur-babies!  In the left picture we have Calvin(black and white) and our newest addition little cat, kit kat, baby kitten(still have not come up with a good name for him yet).  In the middle picture on the left is Shadow and on the right Zeus, my Pomeranian's.  The last picture is of my baby girl, Cloud.

My husband and I started out with Shadow, who is now 12, while we were dating.  My sister's poms had a litter and we chose him.  Next came my baby girl, Cloud, who is going to be 12 in a few months.  We got her when she was about 12 weeks old and to this day, obviously, I still call her my baby girl.  Well about a year after having these two we decided Shadow needed a playmate and that is when we got Zeus, who is about to be 11.  You would never know that these two aren't real brothers.  So for the past 11 years it was just the three of them.  Well a couple of months ago we were at Petsmart and looking at the cats they had there.  My daughter, who is almost 6, really wanted to get another cat.  We told her that if we got a cat we would get an older cat and not a kitten.  That is when we found Calvin.  Calvin is 3 years old and his previous owners for some reason could not take care of him and gave him to Saving Graces for Felines for them to find him a good home.  I always feel bad seeing the older animals because you know most of the time they are not going to get adopted because people always want a young pet.  That was not the case with me.  I saw Calvin and feel in love with him.  He had a laid back personality and was very sweet.  Needless to say Calvin came home with us that day. 

 Fast forward about 3 weeks and I'm leaving to go to work in the morning and there is a baby kitten crying under my car.  Well of course my daughter fell in love right away and was already begging to keep him.  Poor little thing was pitiful and I couldn't leave him there so I got our dog crate and put him in it and left him in the house.  I did try to see if anyone wanted a cat but no takers.  I'm not about to throw him out or take him to a shelter so we now have our 3rd cat.  He is only about 8-10 weeks old and we are undecided on a name for him so far.  But he is the most precious and loving kitten(even to my daughter who is constantly picking him up!).  

So those are my babies and I love them all very much!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Book Review~Match Me if You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I found this book at a church yard sale and paid $.25 for it.  I figured if it was not a good book then no problem since it was a great deal.  Well this turned out to be an excellent book and worth well more than the $.25 I paid.  
This book is about Annabelle Granger and what happens when she overtakes her deceased grandmother's dating service.  Annabelle decides that her grandmother's dating service, Marriages by Myrna, needs a face lift and changes the name to Perfect for You.  Annabelle is a kind hearted person and decides that she can not let go of some of her grandmothers much older clients.  So in trying to make this business turn profitable, Annabelle's friend Molly gets her a client interview with a man referred to as Python.

Python, better known as Heath Champion, is a big league sports agent that every athlete would love to be partnered with.  Heath is already using a dating service to find his future wife through Portia Powers with Power Matches.  Since Molly is the wife of one of his clients he decides to give Annabelle one shot to impress him.  And impress him does she!  

Heath decides to use both dating services and uses Annabelle as his liaison at every potential date's first meeting.  Over time Heath, even though he does not admit it until the end, starts to fall for Annabelle.  This is all of my synopsis so that the book is not ruined for you.

I really liked the fast pace of this book and some of the unexpectedness.  It was well written and the characters are very likable.  The conversations between Heath and Annabelle can be very witty which makes it even more delightful.  I loved how even though it is a romance its not all gushy and mushy and even adds masculinity into it with all the sports talk.   

If you are looking for a quick, light, and funny read then I highly recommend this book.  Some of the other characters that you meet in this book are main characters in other Susan Elizabeth Phillips books.  Having met them in this book, I plan to read the others to get to know their full story.

If you would like to find out more about this author and her books check out her website at

Wordless Wednesday

In honor of the 3rd Ice Age movie opening this Friday July 13th!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Giveaway at Life in the Lost World

As part of a Christmas in July giveaway hop, Life in the Lost World blog is sponsoring a $25 Target gift card or a $25 Amazon gift card.  Go enter for your chance to win!  End July 24th.

Birthday Freebies!

Who wants freebies on their birthday?!  There are a lot of places that will send you out freebies if you sign up for their email.  I have been getting these freebies for several years now and love them!  Here are some of the ones that I receive:
  1. Zaxby's-- you will get a free Nibbler--
  2.  Hu Hot Mongolian Grill-- free grill meal--
  3. Schlotzskys--Free small sandwich or 8" pizza--
  4. Sonic Drive in--free slushy, free tots, or free drink--
  5. Ihop--Free rooty tooty breakfast--
  6. Red Robin--Free Burger--
  7. Arby's--Free 12oz shake with purchase-- 
  8. Wendy's--$1off any combo-- 
  9. Ruby Tuesday--Free Burger-- 
  10. Texas Roadhouse--Free appetizer or sidekick of ribs-- 
  11. Ben and Jerry's--Free scoop and $3 off an Ice cream cake--;jsessionid=2B55EE330D3A684C7AD2C7558F797327.bnj2_worker 
  12. McAlister's Deli--$5 off your next meal--
  13. Redbox--Free 1st night movie
  14. A.C. Moore--25 bonus points--
  15. Disney Movie Rewards-- 100 bonus points--

Go sign up now to get special treats on your birthday!  If you know of others that are not listed above feel free to comment and let us know.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Xbox Kinect Bundle giveaway

Want to win a Xbox kinect bundle?  Mom to bed by 8 and Techy Tribe have teamed together to bring you this entertainment package giveaway.  The complete prize box is
  • Xbox 360 4GB S Console
  • Kinect Sensor for Xbox 360
  • Kinect Adventures game – rated “E” for Everyone
  • Xbox 360 Black Wireless Controller
  • Xbox 360 Composite A/V cable (standard definition)
  • 1 year limited warranty on console
So head on over to to enter.  Giveaway ends July 22.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Vacation Memories

I was sitting here thinking back on my summer memories from childhood.  We owned a speed boat so we were always going to the lake for boat rides.  I remember having the best of times learning how to ski and how to tube.  My sister and I would always sit in the front of the boat and hold on for dear life when my dad took off!  It was one of those feelings where you are excited but also wishing and hoping that the boat won't flip over!  Ahh, the good ole days.
Having my own family now, we are trying to make some summer vacation memories for my daughter.  No boat but we do love us some rollercoasters!  So one of our family vacations is alwasy to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA.  And since my daughter has been old enough to ride the kid rides she loves to go.  Hopefully as she gets old we can start other family traditions with her and with the hopes that she will one day pass them down to her own family.

What memories/traditions do you have with your families?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Get in Shape giveaway~Ended

Pop on over to Health, Beauty, Children, and Family for your chance to win this awesome get in shape giveaway.  One person will win $100+ FitBit wifi scale,It Works Body Wraps,Body by Vi sample set,$25 Sephora GC, Jenny McCarthy wii Game,Kathy Smith DVD,Kristin McGees Power Yoga DVD.


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