Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Book Review~Match Me if You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I found this book at a church yard sale and paid $.25 for it.  I figured if it was not a good book then no problem since it was a great deal.  Well this turned out to be an excellent book and worth well more than the $.25 I paid.  
This book is about Annabelle Granger and what happens when she overtakes her deceased grandmother's dating service.  Annabelle decides that her grandmother's dating service, Marriages by Myrna, needs a face lift and changes the name to Perfect for You.  Annabelle is a kind hearted person and decides that she can not let go of some of her grandmothers much older clients.  So in trying to make this business turn profitable, Annabelle's friend Molly gets her a client interview with a man referred to as Python.

Python, better known as Heath Champion, is a big league sports agent that every athlete would love to be partnered with.  Heath is already using a dating service to find his future wife through Portia Powers with Power Matches.  Since Molly is the wife of one of his clients he decides to give Annabelle one shot to impress him.  And impress him does she!  

Heath decides to use both dating services and uses Annabelle as his liaison at every potential date's first meeting.  Over time Heath, even though he does not admit it until the end, starts to fall for Annabelle.  This is all of my synopsis so that the book is not ruined for you.

I really liked the fast pace of this book and some of the unexpectedness.  It was well written and the characters are very likable.  The conversations between Heath and Annabelle can be very witty which makes it even more delightful.  I loved how even though it is a romance its not all gushy and mushy and even adds masculinity into it with all the sports talk.   

If you are looking for a quick, light, and funny read then I highly recommend this book.  Some of the other characters that you meet in this book are main characters in other Susan Elizabeth Phillips books.  Having met them in this book, I plan to read the others to get to know their full story.

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