Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

On Thursday July 26th I will be leaving and heading to Salt Lake City, Utah!  I am going to attend my company's (Perfectly Posh) first convention.  I am so excited to go and meet the other consultants and to learn so much more about our business and to see the new items!!  Since the next few days will be hectic with getting things straight before I leave this will be my last post until probably next Tuesday.  I plan to take pictures of my travel and will do a post about my adventures when I return.  This is my first plane trip since 1995 and my first one alone!  I have a 10 hour layover on my return flight so we shall see how much I have then.  Wish me luck and I will talk with you all next week!

Want to know more about Perfectly Posh?  Shameless plug here and I promise this is the only time I will!  Go to my site to find out more


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  1. Nothing wrong with a shameless plug every now and then :)

    Hope you're enjoying your conference!!!

    Welcome to the Divas With A Purpose Blogging Circle :)