Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall TV Premieres

It is September and that means new fall TV premieres!  I am a big TV junkie(I know, not a good thing) and love this time of the year.  Time to fall in love with new shows or to decide which ones should not come back for a second season.  So here is a list of new shows on the different networks.

666 Park Avenue premieres September 30th at 10pm est
Last Resort September 27th at 8pm est
Malibu Country November 2nd at 8:30pm est
The Neighbors September 26th at 9:30pm est
Nashville October 10th at 10pm est

I am most looking forward to 666 Park Avenue and Malibu Country(love Reba!).  The shows returning that I can not wait for are Grey's Anatomy which premieres September 27th at 9pm est and Modern Family on September 26th at 9pm est and Once Upon a Time on October 23rd at 8pm est.  If you want to find out more about these new shows go to

Revolution premieres September 17th at 10pm est
The New Normal September 11th at 9:30pm est
Chicago Fire October 10th at 10pm est
Guys with Kids September 26th at 8:30pm est
Go On September 11th at 9pm est
Animal Practice September 26th 8pm est

The show I most look forward to watching is Revolution and Go On(saw an early preview of this show and it was great).  Returning show that I love is The Voice and it starts tonight, September 10th, at 8pm est.  Find out more about these shows and other returning shows by going to

Elementary September 25th at 10pm est
Made in Jersey September 28th at 9pm est
Partners September 24th at 8:30pm est
Vegas September 25th at 10pm est

I look forward to watching Elementary and Made in Jersey.  My favorite returning show is Criminal Minds and it starts on September 26th at 9pm est.  Go to to find out more.

The Mindy Project September 25th 9:30pm est
The Mob Doctor September 17th at 9pm est
Ben and Kate September 25th at 8:30 pm est

Not too sure on any of these shows but will check them out and render my verdict then. I am excited about the return of Raising Hope on October 2nd at 8pm est.  It is hilarious and I recommend it if you have not seen it.  Learn more about these shows at

So there is a rundown of new shows and hopefully I will find a new favorite out of one of them!


  1. First of all, I love your blog design, it's beautiful. Second, you sure made it easy for me to see what's coming up this fall, thanks. Third, I LOVED Reba's show and had no idea she had a new one coming out. I hope it's as good as the last one, now I know to tune in (and when).

    1. Thank you! I loved the Reba show too so I'm really looking forward to this one. I watched a little preview clip of it and it looks good and funny!

  2. Thanks for joining the hump day hop! I love your blog! I can not wait until "Guys with Kids" comes on!

    1. thank you! I'm going to check that one out because it looks like it would be good but I'm thinking it may not last too long though.

  3. I am also looking forward ot Once Upon A Time and Raising Hope totally cracks up the hubby and me.