Friday, January 25, 2013

Time to Restart

Hello 2013!  With a new year, new resolutions, and a new outlook on life now is the perfect time for me to start back on my blog.

I took a few months off to deal with some personnel issues that I had going on.  I've realized to just live life to it's fullest and not to worry about things that you cannot change.  Obstacles will always be in your way and you just have to learn to deal with and overcome them.  Life will go on and only you can decide how you will let them affect your life.  I've chosen to overcome my obstacles and start with a new outlook on life and work. 

So what is to come in the future of my blog?  Well more giveaways for sure because who doesn't like to win stuff!  Also, I am training for a 5k in May and will be posting about my progress along the way. 

So stay tuned for lots more to come!


  1. Hello,
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