Monday, October 1, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

All month long you will be hearing about breast cancer awareness.  If you have not taken time to check yourself lately then I highly recommend that you find time to do it.  It really can be a life saver if you find it early enough.  I had a little scare last year when at my routine check my doctor felt something.  I did go and have a mammogram and luckily it was nothing but for many it is more.  

I am a huge supporter of research for cancer and will try to donate to the American Cancer Society and local groups when I can.  So with that being said I found an awesome way for everyone to help donate by pinning!  Yes, I said pinning.  Those that love pinterest should definitely get in on this and help to raise money for cancer research.  If you go to  and post a picture of a loved one(or yourself) and put this tag in the photo #pinittoendit, $5 will be donated for research up to $100,000 and for every re-pin they will donate $.50.  

So go check it out and share with your friends and help to raise money for this research.

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