Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yum! Taco Bell Cantina Bowl

I tried the Taco Bell cantina bowl for the first time today. Since it first come out a few months ago I have been wanting to try it. The cantina bowl consists of your choice of chicken, steak, or veggie(I went with chicken). It is citrus herb marinated chicken with black beans, romaine lettuce, guacamole, roasted corn and pepper salsa,a creamy cilantro dressing, pico de gallo, and cilantro rice.

Everything in this cantina menu is stated as being freshly prepared. I wish I had thought to take a picture of it before I dived in but I was hungry and not thinking at that time! It was presented very well and looked very appetizing and it smelled so good.  There was a nice size scoop of guacamole on top, layered then by the chicken, salsa, black beans, and rice on bottom.  The creamy cilantro dressing was hard to see on it at first until I started mixing.  I have to say that I was especially surprised with how tasty this bowl was.  It did taste like fresh ingredients were used.  I especially like the rice and the dressing, just wish more of the dressing was drizzled on it.  This would be really good with tortilla chips also (which is offered as a side that you can upgrade to a meal). 

Overall, my first cantina experience was really good and I will most definitely eat it again.  Next time I will have to try the burrito version of it. 

*Disclaimer~This is my own personal opinion and I was not offered anything in return for this review.

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